THE NEXT AUCTION - 05 May 2024

Auctions on this site will take place sundays 19.00 CET. The precise time for the sale is normally set a few days prior to the auction. 
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Unfortunately WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CREDITCARDS. But we do have a US bankaccount.

Terms & conditions for bidding and buying at ebuy.dk internet auction:


  1. All online auctions are held in accordance with the Danish "Sale of Goods Act" which entitles private consumers to a 14 days right of cancellation. Gold, silver and other items with daily fluctuating prices (speculative) that sells for metalvalue plus a small per centage are not covered by the right of cancellation. Items of that kind must be paid within 8 days after the auction was held. Buyer must pay for the cost of returnshipment, in case he uses this right of cancellation and he must return the items to sender in the same condition as recieved. Buyers who are dealing with purchased items are not liable to cancel their purchaces. Items purchased at the counter in one of our shops is not subject to the right of cancellation.
  2. All items are sold in the condition they are in at the time of knock-down. Not all flaws or shortcommings are necessarily informed.
  3. Items are sold by ebuy.dk on behalf of ourselve or a 3rd party. The identity of the requisitor is normally not informed, unless specifically requested by requisitor and accepted by ebuy.dk
  4. Items are categorised as carefully as possible. Items are assumed to be genuine unless otherwise stated.
  5. ebuy.dk reserves the right to exclude bidders who bid without accepting the purchased.

  6. The bidder who holds the highest bid when an auction ends, is considered the buyer of the item unless he uses his lawful right to reject his purchase or the auction is cancelled for some reason by ebuy.dk
  7. ebuy.dk may pause, cancel or delay a running auction at any time. ebuy.dk reserves the right to buyback merchandise on behalf of conseigner.
  8. ebuy.dk are not responsible for human or computer errors. We allow us all rights to cancel any finished auctions in such cases, whatever the buyer has recieved a confirmation of the purchase or not. Ebuy.dk have the last word and decides solely wheather the item is sold or not.
  9. All bids are placed in Danish "kroner" (DKK). If multiple bids for same amount are received, the rule "first in time,
    first in rights" apply. This means that if multiple bidders place the same bid, the valid bid will go to the bidder who first placed that bid.
  10. A buyers fee of 10% of the knock-down price is paid to ebuy.dk. There is a handling fee of 25,- DKK for each sold item to be paid by the buyer. The knock-down price, buyers fee and handling fee are amounts that include VAT according to special rules regarding VAT on used items. This VAT is not deductable for the buyer.
    All items are considered sold ab Aarhus. We will in most cases be helpfull and ship items to buyers agains payment of all costs, such as insurance, shipping etc. All shipping is done on buyers account and risk.                                                                                                                                                         
  11.  Copy-Dan surcharge. According to danish law there must be paid a copyright royalty on works of modern art by all danish and some foreign artists. ebuy.dk will collect this royalty on behalf of Copy-Dan. Items with this kind of additional cost has the following text added: There will be charged 5% to Copy-Dan of this article. Payment will be charged from the knockdown price and there will be added 25% in fees on top of this amount.
  12. All items are sold ab our premises. Packing, shipment and such are a cost paid to us at buyers wish and this cost is NOT a part of the auctionprice, but an offer which the buyer can accept by paying the amount suggested by us - or the buyer is free to let other transporters handle transport of their purcahses. In the case that ebuy.dk, against payment, accept the task of packing and shipping, this is performed on buyers account and risk.
    ebuy.dk therefore cannot be held responsible for damages (or disappearance) on bought items during transportation, apart from whatever the insurer pays. ebuy.dk insures all shipments and that is a part of the shipment costs.
  13. If knock-down price, shipping costs etc. is not paid within 14 days after ebuy.dk has sent the buyers settlement, ebuy.dk is allowed to cancel the deal and sell the item in a new auction or in any other way, and claim any loss in this connection from buyer.
  14. The risk for the item is transferred to the buyer at time of knock-down, where as the right of property is transferred
    to the buyer only after payement of knock-down price, buyers fee and other costs (if apply).
  15. Protests against the bought not received within 14 days after buyers receipt of the purchased is not accepted.
  16. The Court in Aarhus (Denmark) is the venue for any dispute in connection with dealing from ebuy.dk
  17. These terms & conditions is published on our homepage: www.ebuy.dk, and when signing up for an account, the bidder
    has accepted these.
    We reserve the right to future changes in our terms and conditions.