THE NEXT AUCTION - 29 November 2020

Auctions on this site will take place sundays 19.00 CET. The precise time for the sale is normally set a few days prior to the auction. 
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Unfortunately WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CREDITCARDS. But we do have a US bankaccount.

News from ebuy.dk:

Correction of misunderstandig: bidders as "eb1001" and so on - are bidders who did not themself choose a username but let the sytem choose one for them.
In consideration of the conseigner we will automatically move items which have recieved no bids one day before the auction to the next auction. We presume that there is either no interest at this point or there will be just one bidder in the last moment and that is not the best situation for conseigners regarding our low startingprices.
Unfortunately we have recently hat a couple of bidders who NEVER intended to pay or buy what they won in the auction. These people will be banned from our site in all future. We are planning a warning page with names of these people so others can be warned against them.
A few customers has complained to the fact that they could not zoome our photos to see item clearer. If you have updated to Internet Explorer 7 this is now solved. Just hold down the Control button and press "+" or "-" one or several times - then text and picture gets larger or smaller.
Two new categories has been established: 1. "What is this?" We often get some items we do not know what is and in this category we will publish pictures of such items and hope that someone among our customers can help us. 2. "Wanted" Here we inform of items our customers are in search of or likewise.
Some customers have asked why don't we have coins for sale right here and now. I meant it would be wrong to do so. Customers that has conseigned coins for auction must rely on the fact that their coins are sold to the highest bidder and at a price one can control oneself. To please customers I have chosen to put up some of PR Mønters stock on the site. These coins have an ending date of december 24th - a day only very few will be spending on internet. If someone bids on a coin I will move ending date much closer. Starting bid is set at my buying price (a price I most likely will pay you if you have a similar coin to sell to me).

17.03.07: From a tip from two collectors I have been told about a nice little program for coincollectors click on www.petrisoft.dk and take a look.

24.02.07:A small wish to buyers - when you pay please give up "køber afregnings bilagsnummeret" (number of statement to buyers) - NOT "Kundenummer" (Customernumber). This number is just below the date on the statement succesfull bidders gets a few days after the auction.
The danish mail does not work these days - due to lots of snow over most of Denmark. We have a lot of parcels ready to send - but as they do not move parcels anyway we have chosen to wait till the situation changes.

10.02.07:A few buyers has not been satisfied with the extra buyers fee of Dkk 50,-. We have therefore changed this fee to be without shipping costs and at the same time reduced it to dkk 25,- per lot. As a result everyone pays this lower fee and only buyers that have their purchases sent pays the actual shipping costs.
The auction february 18th has been added a few very good coins from other sources. I remind you that we would love to sell your collection or surplus coins.
Third part of the big collection will be sold march 11th together with other conseignments.

01.02.07:First auction has ended - I am very pleased with lots of bidders. Next part will be sold february 18th. We will add coins till february 10th. I must draw your attention to the fact that this collector was very careful to her collection. Most of the coins are laquered to stop airpollution to affect her coins. This laque is completely harmless to the coins and can easily be taken off the coins. As most of the coins have this laque on them I have chosen not write this in description of each coin - it is only mentioned here. Your conseignment is appreciated. View all the knock-down prices here