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Auctions on this site will take place sundays 19.00 CET. The precise time for the sale is normally set a few days prior to the auction. 
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Unfortunately WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CREDITCARDS. But we do have a US bankaccount.


FAQ = Frequently asked questions
Below you can find answers of questions from our customers....
Can I pay with creditcards?

Daily we get mails where people ask wheather we will accept credit cards for merchandise. Most of these people are crooks trying to act in a criminal way and let ohters pay for their purchases. Also the creditcard companys charge 2-4% for their service from us, and being a low cost auction house we will not pay these fees for foreign creditcards. We have been in business for 39 years - so there is no reason to be afraid of making a transfer to our bank - you will get your merchandise or you will get your payment back.  


Where do the items come from?

From you - your neighbor - anybody can put items up for sale via auction or we can sell for a fixed pre-agreed price! Therefore if you have something laying around you no longer use, or simply want to make money, try us! We charge Denmark's lowest fee - 10% - less than half of what some other auction houses will charge!

Can you bid if you are not a registered customer?

Yes, we have customers who are not enthusiastic about bidding themselves. They do not feel confident enough to get to grips with it. But we can bid for you; it requires only an email or a phone call - no later than a few days before the auction takes place. So we bid for you as cash customer or with your own identity.

Can you avoid paying the expensive shipping?

Yes, you can. Danish law states that it is the sender who is responsible for the goods to arrive. Therefore, we send everything by parcel post and insures separately with an independent insurance company, which unfortunately takes a minimum of DKK 50, - per shipment. The Danish Postal Services do not replace coins, gold and silver. They do not offer lower reimbursements for items they do not replace, even though the packages are insured up to 4,800 DKK according to their own rules. If you are willing to risk misplaced or missing letters or parcels, we accept to send the cheapest way. Simply notify us that you take the risk, and we will send your goods the cheapest way. You can calculate 35 DKK for an ordinary letter and 125 DKK for an ordinary package, providing the item is to be sent domestically. If you pay the price for the auctioned off item and only 35 DKK for postage, we know that you want the goods sent by ordinary mail. (For international rates, please enquire).

What do I do with items that cannot be delivered by the Postal Services?

There are road hauliers and shipping companies working with our competitors. Unfortunately, one of the good ones, have in the best illegal way, been bullied into not cooperating with other online auction houses - but we readily inform you of some good telephone numbers if you bought something that is not suitable for mailing.


How to bid?

First and foremost, you have to register - Go to "Log on" and click on "New User?" and then fill out the form and type in the desired username. If you do not specify a username the system selects a number for you - eg. "eb4793" but otherwise you may use anything you wish - providing no one else has used it already. When you have received a username and selected your own password you are logged on. In the future, use this information in order to log on and bid. We recommend that you practice a little to bid for items. For instance bid on gold items which has just been listed - be assured that you are not going to hang on a gold coin to 1 DKK nor to 10 DKK, or for that matter, 50 DKK or 100 DKK. Here, you can practice bidding without you winning something. That way you learn a little about how the system works.

Can you change your username?

You can NOT change your username - once you have chosen a username, which is not to be mistaken with one's personal name, there is unfortunately no way around it. Everybody is free to choose a completely random identity as the username and thereby conceal his or her own identity, if that's what you want. If you absolutely want to change it, you will need to sign up again and select a new username. There a price to pay if you chose to change identity, you lose your list of previous bids and purchases - so it comes with a price.

Can you pay with Pay-pal?

We run a low cost auction house with low fees and therefore we will NOT pay fees for this and that. Pay-pal is cumbersome and takes time; they, however, take themselves well paid for their service. If you absolutely want to use pay-pal we will accept it. However, this generates costs, in this case 5% of the amount of the bid - which must be greater than 1,000 DKK.

Can you pick up your goods in Copenhagen?

For the modest fee of DKK 14.66 we deliver the vast majority of goods to our store named and located: Mads Laier, Rådhusstræde 4, 1466 Copenhagen K.  The won items can then be picked up there - provided it is not very heavy or bulky objects. When you pay your bill and pay exactly 14.66 DKK in postage, we know that you want delivery in Copenhagen. We have been forced to take a small fee for this service because the system has become so popular that we have been forced occasionally to ship together by mail or pay a messenger to bring the various items. The low price of delivery to Mads Laier means we bring the items over at the first opportunity - which can easily mean that it takes 14-21 days from payment until you receive the item. The phone number to the store is +45 33 13 83 00.

Business hours?

We are on the premises Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. - but often work at odd hours - just call if you can only be here outside of business hours - we are flexible.

Can I withdraw my bid?

If you mistakenly bid on an item that you do not want to buy, we can cancel your bid. But at the same time you will be BLOCKED from bidding again on the same item - you cannot withdraw a bid and then subsequently bid on the item again.

How do I return something I've regretted buying?

Just send the item back to us to this address: PR, M.P. Bruunsgade 5, 8000 Aarhus C. Remember to insure your shipment if it contains gold or silver - please send it by registered mail or package.

Can I get advance when I sell items via ebuy.dk?

When you submit items for auction which are expected to bring several thousand DKK, we are willing to pay an advance; however, we have to charge interest on the amount.

When you get payment for what you have sold?

Sold items are settled at the earliest 1 month after the sale of the item. Customers have 14 days to pay and then they can return items within 14 days from receiving the item. Unfortunately, there are those who do not make payments on time and we cannot pay for the effects that have not been settled.  Vendors are required to take back the effects where we have made an advance and subsequently come to realize that they will never get paid by the buyer. In individual cases we can pay a few days after the auction, especially when it comes to products such as gold and silver, for which the buyer is not granted the possibility to withdraw from the purchase.

Bank fees, how about those?

It turns out that banks charge a fee for various reasons and at various rates. Some banks transfer money with no fees, from for example Norway and Sweden - but sometimes we see that our bank charges fees instead. In any case we need the correct amount we charge - neither more nor less. Amounts that are deducted during the payment process are the payer’s problem - not ours.

How do I quickly get my items?

When making your payment to the bank, please provide us with the text "ebuy xxxxx" - xxxxx being the number of the bill.  This makes it quick and easy for us to find your items and send them.

Where is my item?

The Postal Services are quite slow at times - especially shipments to Norway cause major problems. Custom clearance can be up to 10 days from the time the goods arrive at customs clearance till the time of informing the recipient of the arrival - if at all.

Why does ebuy.dk not answer my email?

We get many emails every day. We try to answer them all as best we can - but yet there are some mails we unfortunately do not have time to answer. We aim to keep fees Denmark's lowest fees and that means unfortunately that we sometimes are late or at worst fail to answer a few emails. Unfortunately it cannot be any different when you try to run a low cost auction house.

What is the case if one of Ebuy.dk effects turns out to be stolen?

In light of an earlier court case where Ebuy.dk has mediated effects that turned out to be stolen, it is necessary to make the following clear: If you on Ebuy.dk buy an effect that may subsequently turn out to be stolen: you get your money back, of course. No auction house can protect itself 100% against getting effects, that later turn out to be stolen property. Ebuy.dk places each year more than 5000 effects on auction and the companies behind Ebuy.dk have a turnaround of more than 30 million DKK - derived mainly from purchases and sales to and from private customers.